Ensemble Labs

Ensemble Lab Program

•  Two hours per week, plus half-hour set-up and half-hour tear-down time, for 10 weeks
•  Fee:  $200
•  Materials:  $10 for printed material and recordings
•  Class size:  variable, usually dependent on the required instrumentation of the student ensemble

The Ensemble Lab Program is intended to provide students with the opportunity to use what they have learned in lessons, and to enlighten them to the challenges, and responsibilities of being in a band with other like-minded musicians.  The rehearsals are conducted in comfortable surroundings (Studio Two), and are well-equipped with a large variety of equipment, which is all intended  to make the most of the rehearsal time spent. 

•  Prerequisites:  Rehearsal Conductor’s approval is required to participate in the Ensemble Lab Program
•  minimum age of 10 years old, unless accompanied by an adult who can assist in the learning process
•  Students must be able to provide their own instruments, effects, and accessories
•  Guitar amps, bass amps, drums, PA system with mics and stands are all provided

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