10-week Group Guitar Classes

Guitar Honolulu presents 10-week, rock-oriented, group acoustic guitar classes at three different levels. Classes are designed to offer the students the best entry-level perspective possible, at the lowest possible price!

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Private Guitar & Bass Lessons

Here at Guitar Honolulu, we offer private, rock-oriented guitar lessons and bass lessons, one-on-one, with an emphasis on teaching our students how to be self-empowered and self-enabled!

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Ensemble Lab Program

Dreaming of being in a band? At Guitar Honolulu, students can enroll in a 10-week Ensemble Lab Program, and learn how to prepare for rehearsals and performances!

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Guitar Accessories

Strings, picks, capos, straps...all of the basic accessories for your guitar experience are always available here at Guitar Honolulu, ready to be shipped to you!

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...looking for a place to get a good look at your guitar potential? ...want to get a really good shot at playing the guitar?


If you’re looking for rock-oriented guitar lessons or bass lessons in Honolulu, check us out! Guitar Honolulu could be just the place for you!

Learn how to discover the hidden musician inside of you, and how it all works!

While we may not be able to promise you stardom, we can offer you some of the tools and strategies to help you get there.

And for those who wish to pursue their music at their own, more relaxed speed, we can help you do that, too!

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Group Lessons

Here, at Guitar Honolulu, we offer 10-week Group Guitar Classes at three consecutive levels, each building on material and knowledge from previous classes.  

Known as Guitar 1, Guitar 2, and Guitar 3, the group lessons are designed to offer the student the best entry-level perspective possible, at the lowest possible price.

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Private Lessons

For those who have met with a rewarding entry-level experience with their music studies, private instruction is often an appropriate next step.

Private Music Instruction is available for:

•  Acoustic Guitar

•  Electric Guitar

•  Electric Bass Guitar  

The guitar lessons and bass lessons can, often times, effectively indulge the stylistic preferences of the student.

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Ensemble Labs

Although the guitar can be thoroughly enjoyed to a very high degree without ever setting foot before a live audience, nothing can heighten awareness and sharpen the senses in the musician like the innate pressure of a live performance.

The Ensemble Lab Program allows the students to explore their individual abilities to develop the confidence and musical skills needed to prepare for rehearsals and gigs.

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